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Professor Sergey Donich, Rector of V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, attended the first meeting of the Expert and Advisory Council under Head of the Republic of Crimea.

The agenda of the meeting included a number of discussions aimed to model the format of the Council, outline its main principles, and define its role in facilitating projects promoting the image of Crimea and its political significance. In particular, the participants of the meeting talked about the collaboration between the Republic of Crimea’s authorities and the expert community of the Russian Federation and Crimea in addressing political, economic, and humanitarian priorities that the Republic is facing today. The meeting’s agenda also covered topical issues of creating a pool of qualified candidates for future vacancies, formulating a new policy on teaching public administration, as well as the main aspects of youth policy and urban development. Additional topics discussed included strategic objectives in the development of resort industry in Crimea.

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In his statement, Sergey Donich noted that today Crimea’s authorities are experiencing shortage of experts in public administration capable to act and work efficiently. He also added that Crimean Federal University is ready to provide support to Crimean government bodies in producing qualified professionals, including, among others, professionals in public administration, through programmes offered by the recently established Institute of Economics and Management.

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