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Admission office
  • 4, Academica Vernanskogo Avenue, Simferopol, Russian Federation
  • +700000000000

Acting Rector – Andrei Falaleev


Vice-Rector for Academic and Administrative Policy – Vladimir Kuryanov

Vice-Rector for Priority Projects Development – Sergei Dodonov

Vice-Rector for Research – Anatoly Kubyshkin

Vice-Rector for Facilities Development and Management – Konstantin Tregubov

Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Information Policy – Sergei Iurchenko

Vice-Rector for Social and Youth Policy – Yevgeny Bubnov

Vice-Rector for Capital Construction and Renovations – Aleksandr Romanychev

Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning  Irina Tsvirinko


Admissions 2020-2021 are open now